How to Set Up Rules in Google Adwords [New Interface 2019]

It is sometimes difficult to manage Google AdWords, if you have many AdWords accounts, or if you are a PPC agency, then you have to handle all your campaigns in one time. You have trouble in optimizing the campaign. Now imagine that you have 10 to 15 Adwords accounts and they all have to optimize you at the same time. Listen, you Feeling Sense Too Concern No matter today, you will know about Automated Rules, with the help of Automated rules, you can easily manage your multiple account with Google Adwords. You will see here about the automated rules Step by step.

Let’s Start

1. Automated Rule for Campaign Conversions

Why we use

Most of us, we set a budget of per-day compaigns. Let’s say you have placed a budget of Rs.1000 on one of your campaigns and this day gives 10 to 12 conversions on this campaign, but sometimes more than this conversions. But if you did not increase your campaign budget by more than 1k, then when you are experiencing more conversions, then stop your campaign on less conversion than you should have used rules. If you come to this condition you will be working Automated Rule. With the help of the Automated Rule, when you are experiencing good conversions you can increase the daily budget of your compaigns and for this there is no need to come online.

How we use

To create this Automated Rule, you have to go to rule after first going to Tools and then click on campaign and see step by step below

Type of Rule – Change Budgets

Apply to campaigns – Select Campaigns

Then set new budget fill the amount

Conditions – Conversion more then 10

2. Automated Rule for Keyword Conversions

Why We Use This

Every campaign you have some keywords that get regular conversions and you give bids on these keywords too, but sometimes these keywords do not get lead even if your cost does not get much. In order to avoid this we have to use rule on keywords.

How we use

After going to the rules you have to click on the keywords and you have to give the condition as I have shown in the image below that my keywords should be paused on which my conversion is less than 2.

[custom-twitter-feeds screenname=Digitalknowled4 num=1]

3. Automated Rule for Keyword Quality Score

 Why We Use This

These techniques are more preferred because of our keywords, we work more on keyword quality score. Whenever our keywords have a low quality score, then that keyword will pause so that when I’m online I can work on those Keywords Quality Score(KQS) .

How we use

In this, I have placed my favorite condition whenever any of my keywords have a quality score of below 7 the keyword will be paused so that when I open the laptop, working on those keywords, increase their quality score.

4. Automated Rule for Keyword Position

Why We Use This

I use this technology more and more whenever any of my keywords goes down position 4, then max cpc increase on that keyword so that my keyword can return to top 4 position.

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How we use

To switch on the keyword change keyword bid, select Next Change I have accrued a bid of 20 rupees, which means that whenever any of my keywords goes below 4, my keyword’s bid will be accrued so that my keyword is again come on Top 4 posting and Google will not increase the bid limit up to 80 rupees.

5. Automated Rule for CTR

Why We Use This

In Adwords CTR also plays a lot of importent roles as if your CTR is low then it affects your Ad Rank.

How we use

I use this technique when my keywords’ CTR is going down as you can see the image whenever my keyword’s CTR will down from 5% that keyword will pause so that when I work online I can increase the CTR.


As you go with the help of rules how easily you can handle all the campaigns in the very short time.   

If you have any questions you can ask in the comment box.

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