Robot.txt [Deep Information] Best Way to Create Robot.txt File in 2018

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The Folks are often the issue of their website that I have some such pages that they do not want to show on pages or images search engine (Google, Yahoo etc) or show them on some search engines or only mobile lei Or just want to show you the website for the desktop. You can do all this with the Robot.txt file.

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What this robot.txt

Robot.txt is a text file that commands web robots to crawl the pages of the website. Robot.txt.tast files are part of the robots exclusion protocol (REP). How many pages of its throw website are indexed and the user has to show.

Basic format:

Best Practices of Robots.txt File

  1. Disallow Entire Website

If your website is a spamming content or you want to run only for the promotion of the promotion of the website, and do not wish that the web crawler can crawl your website, then the entire website can be used. Now Google will not crawl a page of your website.

  • Disallow Subfolder

You can crawl the subfolder if your website is a subfolder that you do not wish for the web crawler to crawl it.

  • Disallow Internal Page

If there are some pages on the website that have been created for spamming or cloaking, then you can undelete the pages after which the robots or the web crawler will not crawl the pages.

  • Disallow all Images of your website

If you have copy images and porn images on your website and you want to have a web crawler crawl of your website, then you can delete all the images.

Googlobut-Image is for Images

  • Disallow Specific Images of your website

If you have some images copying on your website and you do not want to crawl them then you can know how

  • Allow access to a single crawler

If you want your website to crawl only one crawler and none, then you can simply remove the single crawler and you can remove the crawlers and know how.

  • Disallow Specific File Type

If you do not want to crawl any file types (jpeg, tiff, pdf, avi, gif, css) you can.

  • Single Crawler Disallow but Allow Access to All Crawler

If you want to write a specific web crawler, you do not mean that your crawler does not crawl your website and if all the crawlers crawl, you can also do it.

Some Popular search engine Crawlers that you may want to use:

  • Googlebot – Google
  • Googlebot-Image – Google Images
  • Googlebot-News – Google News
  • Bingbot – Bing
  • Teoma – Ask

Robot.txt File Creation

I hope that whatever information you have given you may have come to understand. Now we will know how to do robot.txt file.

First, you will log in to the search console and after logging in, you will see the Dashboard.

After that click on the crawl, after that you will get lots of options below, out of which you have to click on robot.txt tester

After this, you can do whatever you want to display on any page, image or file. I have already told you the above details.

I’m calling a website to create robot.txt file below.

With the help of which you can easily create robot.txt file

 You can do whatever you want to do by selecting Deslo and you can look at the images below and follow.

 I hope you will not have any issues with Robot.txt, you must write suggestions in the comments

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