Facebook 5 Ad Targeting Strategy will Increase your Sale 7X

E commerce business Whenever it comes to advertising Campaign, first of all, the names of Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, Flipkart and other marketplace and social media sites are coming in our dimension. With regard to Facebook about which way you can target your people who can buy your product. In this topic, I will tell the use of 5 such techniques of targeting audiences to increase your sell by 7X.

All this topic, I take an example, I assume that I have a business of online clothing and I accept WWE fighting Sweatshirt or Hoodies, so now the number of examples will be all that is reliably accepted, and these techniques are not only Clothing but also Everybody’s a product Ex-shoes, mobile accessories, electronic gadgets, watches and more. 

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Important – Facebook will show your Ad to those people who have Like a Facebook page related to your interests, post visit, video visit.

  1. WWE Players Name +Facebook Buyers Audience – This Facebook Detail Targeting I will advertise the names of the wwe’s Players and will match them From Facebook buyers, your Ad will now be show to those people who have Like the Facebook page of these Players Have a video and a post visit and they’ve first bought any product from Facebook

2. WWE + WWE Show +Facebook Buyers- We will target the wwe and target the row, SmackDown, Manday Nigah RAW, Restlemania, and match them in wwe’s popular show and match them, from Facebook buyers, you can show your Ads to those people Who has posted, wrote, posted or visited the WEE, and from these people have like pages with wwe show and then they have done some Buy with Facebook before.

Explain Importent –¬† This targeting will be those people who have written the page of wwe, then the same People should have many pages like on the wwe show and those people have done some purchase before Facebook.

3. WWE TV Channel+ Players+ Facebook Buyers – Add this list to any of the TV channels that I have previously wwe, then match those user with wwe players and match those users with facebook buyers, now your audience is more shaky Now, the list which I am putting in this list more than your product, will show your adversity and your Purchase will be more inexperienced.

Very Important List

4. Amazon +Players +WWE +Facebook Buyers- If this list is too heavy, then you must do this Facebook detail targeting as you must have understood that this audience targeting should first add Amazon and Flipkart Now match these people with wwe players then match these users with the wwe people then match these people with facebook buyers. These lists can give you a lot of sales, so you definitely target this Facebook audience.

Note-  Now if you are targeting the shoes and they only take formal shoes, then you should match the formal shoes with Amazon and match them with Facebook buyers.

If you are selling a property in India then take home and property to match 99acres, magicbricks and match them from any other real estate site.

5. Snapdeal & Other Market Place Sites +Players +WWE +Facebook Buyers- In this list, I will match sites such as Snapdeal, Shopclues and match them with wwe players and match them with wwe lover and match them with Facebook buyers. From this list you can also earn extra money in your account.

You can use these Facebook detail targeting lists to increase Sell 7X and you can ask any question in comment box.

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