How to Create Advanced URL Tracking Template in Google AdWords [Updated]

Google Adwords is a many strategy that lets you analyze clicks, devices, keywords etc. on your ad. With the help of this data, you can optimize your campaigns so that you can carry more leads and Sells. So today we will learn about the AdWords Tracking Template, how to use a URL Tracking Template.


We can use Tracking Template on three levels

  1. Account Level
  2. Campaign Level
  3. Ad Group Level

We will learn all three one by one, which way they are used on these three levels.

First, we will learn to use Tracking Template at the account level.

Account Level Tracking

Let’s start

Before using the URL Tracking Template, Google AdWords must be linked to Google Analytics. The report of the track tracking template comes from Google Analytics itself.

From what way is Google Analytics connected with Google AdWords?

To use the Tracking template at the account level, first you have to click on the settings before that you must login to the Google AdWords account, click on Account Settings.

The first option (tracking) has to be clicked on. Now you have searched the place where you have to add your tracking url


“Come Create Tracking URLs”


Come Know What They Mean

Source = Google (Fix)

Medium = SEO_PPC (Give any name for tracking)

Campaign = Add Campaign Name (Only Campaign Level & Ad group Level)

Adgroup = Add Ad group Name (Only Ad group Level)

Keyword = {keyword} (Fix)

Matchtype = {matchtype} (Fix)

Device = {device} (Fix)

From this way, put them in single URL account level and they will give you tracking of all the campaigns in your account.

Campaign Level Tracking

For the Campaign level, you have to click on the campaign that you want to track, and click Settings, click Campaign URL options and add URL Tracking code here.


In this tracking code I have given the name of the campaign as well that if we know the name of the campaign at the level of the campaign, then the name of the campaign that I am creating the tracking code, add the name of the campaign.

Ad Group Level

We can also add it to the ad group level, see how

You have to go to the campaign and then click on the ad group you like to keep track of. Then click on the ad copy and click on the ad url option. And then you have to put your tracking URL over here.

Come see how


This time we have also named the ad group as we know which ad group I will be putting this tracking code


Now you can add this tracking code one by one and all the URLs you need to track.

Why We Used This URL Tracking

After using this URL tracking, you can track clicks, keywords, device and matchtype from one of the ad groups in your Google Analytics account.

With its help, you can directly see in your Google Analytics account that you can optimize the campaign by viewing the bounce rate and session of your ads that are coming from your ad group or campaign.

After use in Google AdWords account This URL tracking will help you optimize your campaign.


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