Advanced Google Conversion Tracking: A to Z Guide to Conversion Tracking in Google Ads

Did you use conversion tracking or not? If not, then no matter what.


You guys, who are going to get this topic from me, and who know why we use conversion tracking, it’s a good thing, but do you know how many Conversion Tracking you can track? What you Do not know? No matter how you are tracking the website and how to track all the ways of the call such as

  • Website conversion tracking,
  • Call extensions call tracking,
  • Phone call tracking,
  • Click phone number tracking

But if you are new and you have to know what conversion tracking is and how to use it and what are the benefits of it, then you are absolutely right on he world. Just keep watching the step-by-step and you will know about in 10 mints.

First of all, conversion tracking on the website.

Website Conversion

You can make conversion tracking for websites in 5 ways

  • Purchase
  • Lead
  • Page View
  • Sign Up
  • Other

For everyone, we find the code in the same way and also put it. I am showing you for the rest and you will do the same for the rest.

Lead Conversion

For this, first you have to log in to Google AdWords and then click on the conversion. Then click on the website then click on the lead.

  • Conversion Name – Let’s name it the conversion name
  • Value – If you know what your 1 lead has value then you put it or else
  • Do not use a third option for this conversion (not recommended)
  • Count – Count I Will Be One

And let the rest remain the same and click on create and continue

Copy the global site tag and insert the head part of the website

Now you can see your conversion data in your Google Adwords Account.

Phone Calls Conversion

Phone call conversion is advanced technique, I know less people about it, so you can learn it carefully.

Phone conversion tracking can do you in three ways

  • Calls from ads using call extensions or call-only ads
  • Calls to a phone number on your website
  • Clicks on your number on your mobile website

Learn one by one

Calls from ads using call extensions or call-only ads

When you create text, you also have the option of putting an extension inside it, then I also have a call extension, you can also track Call Extensions.

Calls from ads using call extensions or call-only ads

  • Conversion name – Any conversion name is to be entered
  • Category – Other in it to choose
  • Value  – Don’t use a value
  • Count  – One
  • Call Length  – 5

And then click on create and continue


Calls to a Phone Number on Your Website

If any visitor visit on my website and call me on my phone number , anyone can track it with the help of this conversion

In this I also have to click on create and continue after putting all options

Copy the previous code and insert the head part of the website and After you enter the phone number, click on create snippet. Put this code in your website body part.

And then after seeing your number you will also be able to see the callers

Clicks On Your Number On Your Mobile Website

Learn this carefully from the most important call conversions.

In this you can track how many conversions you have made by making your mobile phone number clickable.

After going to the phone calls, the third option is to select and fill all the options like before and after that click on create and continue.

In this, you will get two code if you have already entered the code which is the normal Remarketing code on all the pages of your website, then leave the previous code and you put the second code in the head part of the landing page. Click here to make phone number clickable and below you will see yellow color code, put those codes on your phone number. Now if any visitor clicks on your paid ad go to your website on the phone and if they click on your phone number, you will get the user’s call. This way you can increase your conversion

In order to see these conversions in the AdWords account, you need to add columns to the columns and add phone call columns to see the phone call conversion.

From which way you can see the conversion from Google Analytics account. There are 4 ways you can increase the number of conversions.

  1. Overview – You will have to click on the conversion after logging in to Google Analytics account. Then you will have to click on the overview. You will be able to see which page you have converted from. So you can make these pages even better by checking the bounce rate and session of those pages so that more conversion is possible.

Source / Medium – There is an option of Source / Medium within an overview. You can see which medium conversion you are coming from, then you can do more work on the same medium so that more of your conversion is possible.

2. Goal URLs – There is a Goal URL option below Source/Medium where you can see the URLs from which you are receiving the conversion. This will give you the idea that the visitor gives you a conversion after visiting which of your pages. Improve further on the same page.

3. Reverse Goal Path – This is a very important way in which you can also see that the user visited your page before converting it, which gives the idea that the user will visit pages from the angle before giving you a conversion. You can also improve those pages so that if any visitor comes to your landing page, then visitors do not need to find more pages, Should get the option to fill the information.

4. Funnel Visualization – In this you can see if the visitor is converting you after visiting your page or if visitors are not giving it, from which page they leave from your website. You can analyze those pages that may not have enough information on those pages, and then you can analyze the pages by analyzing them, so that visitors can access them from your pages. The right to leave and to get your conversion and Increase.

Conclusion – For the conversion of Google AdWords, we create campaigns only if we have less conversion on one of our campaigns, then we have to optimize that campaign so that conversion can come from them. But if you do not know how to Add conversion codes You will never know which of your campaigns are experiencing conversions and which of campaign not accordingly you will work on those campaigns.

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If you have any questions then you can definitely ask in a comment box.

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